Day 243 – 8 months

So I got a month ahead of myself yesterday. Turns out I’m 8 months sober today not 9 months. I thought it had gone a little bit fast. Treated myself to some beauty pie perfume and a mascara because I’m worth it.

I was surprised by my SD before school with a lovely mothers day card. I was really touched as I’ve never been lucky enough to receive one off her before. Normally every school effort goes (annoyingly, but quite rightly so) to her mums. So this was a lovely surprise and I was incredibly touched.

I just have to remember these small moments when she’s talking in an annoying baby voice or causing chaos at home.

So it’s been a happy Friday here. Treated BB and I to the park. Watched her face light up on the big slide (whilst my stomach dropped with worry, I was scared for her). Having homemade curry for tea, with zero percent beers.

How’s everyone elses fridays?


JS x

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36 years old, wife, stay at home mum, outdoors lover, wild swimmer, starting the journey to an AF life

16 thoughts on “Day 243 – 8 months

  1. ❤️❤️❤️❤️ I always think it must be very hard to be a stepchild. Your lobe and kindness to sd is truly beautiful, and you should be proud. Of course it isn’t easy…but love is love.

    My company has today off, so it’s 10 am and I am longing in bed still. I booked a massage for this afternoon. My exciting life!

    Take care! 8, 9, all amazing.

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  2. I love reading about you and SD – you don’t sugar coat a complex relationship but you show so much love and care and I think she wanted you to know how good it makes her feel with the card. Your sobriety is gifting her security which will help her grow to be a happy well adjusted adult – amazing! Happy Mother’s Day! 😘😘

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  3. Aweee that’s so sweet! What a special relationship you have with her! Your Friday sounds wonderful! Mine was work as usual and then more picking up horse paddocks as the snow is melting. Have a great Saturday! 😁

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