Day 265 – 100 days to go

I realised today I have a 100 days until I reach a full year of sobriety. It’s weird as it doesn’t feel like a long time at all. But then the first 100 days felt like such a long hard slog.

Today we have met my family in the park (to get it over with for Easter). My mum and I don’t get on very well, she’s quite toxic and my sister is the same. So it was a relief to meet briefly for an hour, let the kids play in the playground and then come home.

This afternoon I’ve taken my SD for her horse riding lesson and listened as my boobs gave me a round of applause. I lead her horse for her and forgot to put a sports bra on for the fast bits. Will definitely remember to stick one on in 2 weeks time.

The horse in the photo is a retiree I used to ride when I had lessons and we once entered a show when I was 12 together

My husband and I are really trying. He went in a grump at bed time last night and then apologised this morning which was a start. We’ve both tried to give each other a rest with the kids and I think we’ve both appreciated it.

I’ve been reading Untamed by Glennon Doyle and finding it so inspiring. I’ve taken her suggestion about lying on the floor for 10 minutes and thinking today. Although I didnt reach a deeper level (I think this takes practice), I enjoyed letting my mind wander and the 10 minutes passed fast.

She asks to write down your “knowing”. What your believe your most beautiful life would look like. I’m still musing over my knowing. It takes different forms throughout the day. Definitely a move to the countryside and a close loving relationship with BB and my husband.

So that’s all this Easter Saturday.

How is everyone this afternoon? Thanks for your support the last couple of days.


JS xx

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36 years old, wife, stay at home mum, outdoors lover, wild swimmer, starting the journey to an AF life

18 thoughts on “Day 265 – 100 days to go

  1. Gosh like you say 100 to 365 and yet your first 100 seemed long. (Haven’t begun mine, not a comment that needs a reply just a fact lol) You’re doing great and to be honest things are bound to shift with hubby, you’re growing changing and he’s just the same. It’s a time thing and after following you all this time I’m sure you’ll get there. Happy Easter to you too.

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  2. Boobs clapping 🤣🤣
    In the yoga book I’m reading, one of the first practices the author suggests is to set a timer for 10 minutes and lie in corpse pose. Just breathing slowly and being quiet. I think I am really starting to learn that ‘do do doing’ is me making life much more complicated than it needs to be and how incredibly valuable it is to stop and take a minute. You are doing so well. Happy Easter xx

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  3. Thanks for the LOL about boobs clapping (the laugh was much appreciated and I can commiserate)! Way to go for setting boundaries with your family – that takes a lot of courage. You make a good point that we aren’t always in the place of “knowing” what our most beautiful life will look like, it’s an evolution and you are actively evolving – very cool.
    Happy Easter to you and your family!

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