How it all started….

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I’m hoping to use this blog as an aid to go alcohol free (for some reason the word sober seems too scary). That’s where life sipping away has come from. Although I wish I could just daintily sip wine and stop at one.

I’ve recently left my career, to become a stay at home mum and feel I’m not sure who I am anymore. I look at time hop photos on Facebook from 10 years ago and see an adventurous fun 20 something year old, who’s about 3 stone lighter.

I know you can never go back, but I’d like to rewrite the final part of my 30s. Discover who this 30 something year old is, with out being desperately insecure, self loathing and constantly planning the next glass. I’m not at the whiskey on my cornflakes stage just yet, but I’m definitely alcohol dependant. I’m hoping this will change.

So thanks for being patient with me, I look forward to sharing my first 100 days and reading your blogs.

JS x

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