Day 94 – The supportive wife

My husband is feeling stressed and anxious. Somethings happened at work and there’s increasing pressure on wfh with a new boss trying to prove herself. He’s cared for me and BB whilst I’ve had my heart issue. There’s then been his ex wife playing games and he’s recently become estranged from his mum and sheContinue reading “Day 94 – The supportive wife”

Day 70 – Treasure Hunt

I’m such a geek, I love planning surprises for people. I get so much more pleasure planning than I do receiving gifts myself. So it’s our first wedding anniversary tomorrow and I’d excitedly planned a treasure hunt for my hubby and my stepdaughter to complete today, starting when they got back from a walk. AsContinue reading “Day 70 – Treasure Hunt”

Day 28 – and so it continues

Theres something quite relaxing about the light slipping away. The pink hues turning to inky blues. I had a lovely evening last night, sitting in bed chatting to other bloggers on here, swapping stories and reading my book with a tonic water. BB slept through the night and when they woke up at 5am forContinue reading “Day 28 – and so it continues”